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ACER ET430K 4K Ultra HD 43" IPS LED Monitor - White, White

ACER ET430K 4K Ultra HD 43" IPS LED Monitor - White, White

BEST PRICE: £539.99

ACER ET430K 4K Ultra HD 43" IPS LED Monitor - White, White
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Top features: - Immersive 4K display with a wide viewing angle - Straightforward connectivity for integrating additional monitors - Reduce eye strain with VisionCare technology Immersive 4K displayImmerse yourself into your entertainment with the huge Acer ET430K 4K Ultra HD 43" IPS LED Monitor. Able to support 10-bit colour depth, the monitor is able to capture 64 times more colour than 8-bit monitors. HDR capability brings images to life with unique backlight and colour mapping technology.Using IPS technology, the monitor has a wide viewing angle so that you and your friends and family can all gather around the screen and everyone will still have a great view.Straightforward connectivityFeaturing HDMI and DisplayPort connections you can easily integrate the ET430K 4K Monitor to your existing setup, or even add additional monitors.Reduce eye strainTo reduce eye strain, the Acer 4K Ultra HD 43” Monitor uses AcerVisionCare technology to provide a more comfortable viewing experience for prolonged usage. Eye-strain is reduced thanks to flicker-less and low-dimming features, along with a blue-light filter.


Model: ET430K
EAN: 4713883326933
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