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Little Live Pets Surprise Chick

Little Live Pets Surprise Chick

BEST PRICE: £12.99

Little Live Pets Surprise Chick
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Price Checked (5th Apr)

Little Live Pets

It's time to get egg-cited - your surprise chick is about to hatch! The Little Live Pets Surprise Chick hatches and hops just like a real chick! Hear it tap and chirp inside then watch in amazement as it hatches out! Will it hatch quick or will it hatch slow? Once your chick has hatched out - watch it hop about! It's so cute and makes real chick sounds. The more you pet your chick the more it will sing! Which chick will hatch for you?! There are four chicks to find - Patty the party chick, Blossy the Daisy chick, Tilly the dancing chick, and Beaky the Rainbow chick. Or will you find the lucky clucky - the limited edition golden egg! You can re-hatch your chick over and over for endless fun!
EAN: 0630996283240
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